Friday, September 5, 2008

Be careful what you wish for.

So I have spent the last while bugging Chuck to pack up his wood shop if he isn't going to spend the time right now building things. I thought maybe he could use the space for bullet building or something.
You can see it is (was) mostly a dumping ground for spare parts, wood and the likes. Mostly my dumping ground since Chuck is way better at putting things away than I am. Well I finally wore him down and we cleaned out the space. But we cleaned it out for me. It will be my new scrap happenin' zone and I am thrilled (I think). I have been furiously painting away with what ever spare leftover paint from other projects I could find.
As soon as Chuck saw it painted up he wanted it back lol. We broke down and bought some floor paint, very stinky stuff, and now the spot looks awesome. I need a bit more MDF for the counter top to make them level/flat and of course need to move everything over once the floors dries (hopefully by the time we are back from PG today).
I did get a shipment this week with the new ink colours and cardstock, a new paper pack and stamp set. I can tell you once I get moved to the new space I will be doing a little paper crafting with the new stuff!
Ciao for now - Sandra

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