Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MIght have been the whiskey...

Sorry for not keeping up to date lately - trying to get the last few bits of summer in before the snow starts flying. - yes, I said snow!!

Chuck and I spent a fabulous weekend at the Morfee Mountain Music Festival and had the time of our lives!! It was the first time in years I saw 4:30 in the am - 2 nights in a row. And I do not think I have partaked in so many "spirits" in years. The crowd was great - the bands were out of this world, and I think we got to meet just about all of them!! And since I am a "groupy" at heart, it was right up my alley. Here is a link the the festival's site where you can take a look at who was there and what they sound like. My fav's were Julian Austin and WIL and Five Alarm Funk had everyone up and dancing!! Since Chuck and Lyle were manning the tables every now and then Chuck would buy a CD and then I would buy the same CD. It just so happens we have an extra Five Alarm Funk CD to give away. For everyone who comments on my blog I will put their name in a hat and on Monday Sept 1st will randomly draw a name and send you out the CD. (North America Only Please) Check out the photos below of some of the performers - cannot wait to scrapbook those!!

Ciao, Sandra

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