Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a mess!!

So there I was about to sit down and work on some more cards and I just knew I couldn't do it without a major overhaul of my space. I stayed up until 2 am but it's now ship shape and I even found a stamp set that I was sure I had bought but could never find - and it was exactly what I needed to begin the next group of cards I plan on working on. So the first picture is as you walk into my little area - computer to the left, sewing machine to the right along with my home made paper rack. As you can see I love to use the floor for storage/garbage.

This picture is taken from dh's side of the basement. You can see both of my work spaces totally covered in junk!! As part of this process I even sorted my scraps by colour into a small file folder system. Should make paper crafting just a wee bit more cost effective and organized. Well I am off to see what kind of damage I can do in the space today. Ciao Sandra

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