Monday, October 20, 2008

Mammogram complete and Blog Candy Winner!!

I had decided yesterday I wanted to add a second draw - just cuz!! The second prize is a 1" stamp and block and a chunk of pink ribbon. So who were the winners?? Had hubby pull the names and first place went to Manny and second place went to Anonymous who said "You are so busted - your new nurse friend does the mammo clinic promotions! Your girls will be reminded to be squezzed yearly now!" Since I know my new nurse friend is Debbie L you will pick up the second gifty!! I will get you ladies your gifts PDQ!! Thanks for supporting me and keep checking back - you just never know what I might give away next time. Ciao, Sandra

1 comment:

manny said...

Cool!! That's awsome!!Thanks!! Aren't you so glad it's all over and done with now!!