Monday, July 14, 2008

Scattered to the Wind

I wish I could say it is like a revolving door - but mostly it is just a great big exit sign at the edge of town as a multitude of moving vans head out loaded with the life of Mackenzie. Ok, I admit, that was a tad dramatic and a large part of the population is still here with no immediate plans to leave, but I guess that since I am now affected I don't like it. Them thar boys be a leaving and I am not impressed. Josh and Mark seem to have a great opportunity in Grande Prairie and I hope it works out, there is lots of training to be had and potential for a future. Mike has come home after a month or so to regroup and re-evaluate. It is a bit tougher for him without a drivers license. Just the same, this mother hen is not that good a letting go it seems. But realisticly it is the best thing that could happen. Chuck and I were much younger when we headed out and we went way farther than a 5 hour drive. They need to have the opportunity to spread their wings and that is tough to do living a block away and sharing multiple meals a week. The nice thing is that when Chuck and I left home there was no internet so you called or wrote home (at 8cents a stamp). Now with email/facebook and the like we can have almost instant contact at no extra cost. I think it just might be time to co-ordinate a new family picture before the wind carries them all too far away.

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Loa said...

Transitions....sometimes we welcome - even make them happen and then there are the others that take us by force.
Middle did we get here? I'm not finished being a kid!